Obama Claims Climate Change is Our Greatest Security Threat

Climate change is a bigger threat to our national security than Russia, China, N Korea, Iran, terrorists or ISIS?! Our military and how they fight will NOT be impacted by how hot or cold it gets. The climate changers/ global warmists of today are no different from flat-Earthers of a few hundred years ago. Do we need to remind them about climategate and the 30,000+ scientists who have gone against the changers!?

These flat-Earthers are trying to use the weather, that is all climate change is, as an excuse to grab more power and control over our lives. The science is NOT indisputable and I dare you to get one of these flat-Earthers to explain how taxing and regulating a company out of business will stop CO2 emissions… the same gas animals expel that plant life feeds off of to produce oxygen for us to breath! To this day not one changer has been able to explain how all the ice from the ice age 10k years ago melted! Not one has been able to cough up actual historical data outside of the last 3-4 decades to support their opinions which is all based on computer modeling (hypothetical theory). Oh and then there are the pack of lies Al Gore spewed where he claimed the ice caps would be melted by now… guess what they doubled in size!

Climate change is nothing more than weather change. Back in the 70’s the changers were swearing, just as they do today, we would be in a new ice age by now. The planet goes through some very hot and very cold spells. Then there is this big thing in the sky called the Sun. God help us all if it sneezes or gets a fever!

BTW our intelligence agencies are not scientists and frankly shouldn’t be involved in this hokey religion of the left. Why isn’t anyone condemning his royal majesty for misusing our intel resources on climate change? The border is wide open, terrorist cells are all over the US waiting for the green light to attack and we have a kook in the white house pushing a pack of lies to grab more power!

Do we need to talk about how much CO2 this hypocrite dumps into the atmosphere every single time he takes a ride on our airplane?!

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