DNC Chair Calls GOP ‘Heartless’ For Opposing Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Wasserman Schultz and all progs like to use the “families will be split apart” line to justify allowing illegal aliens to stay in the US. Well guess what!? The families don’t have to be split apart they can all leave and enter the US properly and legally. The 14th Amendment was not meant to be abused in the manner in which illegals and politicians are doing today. Anchor babies is all that these DREAMERs really are. Their parents deliberately came here and had them so they could stay here and suck this nation dry.

America do not fall for these silly tactics the left loves to pull. When they demonize the republicans who are against amnesty, they are also attacking you if you agree with the repubs. Illegal aliens have NO RESPECT for this country, our heritage and culture. They are only here to make money and send it back to relatives in their country of origin. But you never hear anyone bringing that fact up which hurts the US economy when dollars are taken out of the country. Illegals don’t pay taxes, don’t pay into the social entitlement programs they have no problem tapping into claiming they have a right to. They are putting a huge drain on this country, democrats like Wasserman Schultz couldn’t careless about them and it’s about time someone spells it out.

The only reason democrats… progressives (some prog repubs want amnesty too) want illegal aliens in the US is to change the demographics with an entire class of people dependent on them. This is and has always been about money, power and control. You think illegals would wake up and see they are being used, treated like a slave class but they won’t because they choose not too. What they make in a week here would probably take them a month to earn wherever they come from. Progs know this but will use them anyway at your expense America.