White House Says Overall Strategy For ISIS Has Been A Success

img via Twitter/@CalebHowe

The Propaganda Minister claims the regimes strategy is an overall success regardless of the fact major cities, where massive blood and treasure were spent to secure and hold, are now lost to ISIS. The middle east is in complete free-fall, which will come back to bite us in the ass, no thanks to obama’s ignorance and really defiance from military advisers.

The region was secure for the most part until obama decided to hand it back over to the monsters who are killing men, women and children. They’re destroying historic sites and artifacts (islamic and Christian) growing in power and inspiring homegrown terror attacks. This admin is just asking for a major attack on US soil with this 24/7/365 denial of the danger we are in. Earnest and his predecessors under the obama regime have now surpassed the insanity that we heard from Baghdad Bob!