Obama Voters Sign Petition to Ban the American Flag and Replace it With New Design for New World Order

Since this country is now certified batshit crazy the masks are coming off anti-Americans everywhere! I have but one question for the people who believe the US is imperialistic, racist, too rich etc why are you here? Leave America, go to Europe, South America, Russia and the middle east!

As you have seen in previous Mark Dice vids he is beyond clear and explicit of his petitions intention that many people willingly sign…
“the new flag will have like a pyramid with like a rainbow stripes and it looks really cool”
“the old stars and stripes represent the old world, imperialistic America. This petition is going to implement the new American flag banning the current American flag”

Now before people watching this say “oh well these are just typical crazy Californians” you need to understand this is in semi-conservative San Diego! #2 the people signing this petition are a sampling of the general progressive socialist attitude now sweeping across the country. Face it we have been fundamentally transformed, this is the America obama has been working to create since 2008!

BTW the guy in the light blue shirt that rushes up and says “ill sign that sh*t man” has a typical US Marine haircut… Camp Pendleton is not far away!

  • Mikey01h

    Sheep….. There are millions of them!

    • sheeple, as subspecies

      • tonilaura

        You are a real …

    • John McMickle

      The good thing is they are easy to get rid of the get the leader to run over a cliff and the rest will follow. Just wait for the buzzards to clean up the mess.

      • tonilaura

        Judas goat?

  • Slkennedy

    How does Mark Dice keep a straight face ??? Or want to punch them out ??

  • New American flag – pffft! It’s the New World Order for global citizens and NASA approved.

    • more info about this abomination here: https://www.facebook.

    • Dillon Rogne

      I could go for the flower of life to be the new flag, that is unity and freedom of mind and spirit. A pyramid on the other hand represent inequality, the eye represents that the top sees all, all complete bull shit. “New World”, my ass, the old one at least could keep the country out of debt, and gave people rights, things change, but the country’s values should not.

    • tonilaura

      Why show it?

  • Stacy

    So sad. I don’t know if I can send my kids to college after watching this.

  • Amanda Belge

    No, just say no to New World Order.

  • Tommy Zadick

    Great idea!!!! Now the world will LOVE us!!!!!!!

  • This fake petition is actually got some good demographics on it. He collect the BIRTHDAY of the person signing the document. I want to know those figures. I bet from just what I have been seeing that the one signing the petition are all young adults that have either graduate high school or college recently under the Obama Administration the new graduates are all pretty much BRAINWASHED to thinking OBAMA is the GREATEST that is all they are taught, BUT the 30+ generation they were first to say HELL no to the petition. I want to see the demographic data.

    • Andrea Smith

      Better yet, shred it.

    • tonilaura

      But they had good teachers, probably from…Europe, Africa and maybe even illegals.
      We are at the stage where all people must have a free college education because they learn so little in public school. After all, the police are called when a student from kindergarten to sixth grade are unruly. From seventh to twelve grade, students rule.

  • Andrea Smith

    People are so stupid and really brainwashed into signing away their freedom, their heritage and their livelyhood. It’s really bad when they turn into sheeple ready to be fleeced for all they have, if someone comes to me with that sort of petition, I’d take it and shred it for all it has.

    • tonilaura

      Broken a few china pieces, glassware. Bad temper, red haired temper. Can’t do that if President of The United States. I never took a hammer, a knife to anyone. Heck, I never physically spanked my children! Dr. Ben Carson seems a very good man/doctor but…a bad temper must always be acknowledged and controlled. We have good men in Cruz, Christie, Rubio, but Trump? Well, he’d be an excellent Secretary of The Treasury. I’d loved to hear him say “You are fired” to those knot heads.

  • Melanie Schielder

    mostly young brain washed DemoRATS signed and agreed

  • BigD

    I bet all the people that signed the petition don’t even know what each of the items on the flag represent!!!! We’re loosing true American history in schools and the govts doing it on purpose to dumb down this country and as you’ve seen college student now don’t even know simple history and they are at Ivy League schools!!!!

    • tonilaura

      Of course not. Most don’t know the country we fought to gain our freedom. But England does and what a laugh we are to them now!

  • John McMickle

    Stupidity is at epidemic levels in this generation.

  • Scott Sherman

    The Dice Man gets a medal for keeping a Straight face through that whole video.

  • Jon Weiss

    These are probably the same bunch of morons who Penn & Teller had signing a petition to ban “Di-hydrogen monoxide” (aka “H2O”)

  • colton

    sad thing is America is racist and people are oppressed and removing a flag founded on freedom is going backward before the confederate flag representing the first free 13 colonies (btw) it was taxes murder and oppression but its darker before the light those unfortunate humanity crime stop humans from evolving into anything better and so history has repeated the fundaments of democracy left taxation with out representation ,police brutality and murder and many more harsh truth that existed before the flag and the dumbasses think there free by banning a flag and so we fall into our vicious past banning the flag changes nothing these horrors will still exist sadly

  • Christopher Brown

    So I wonder what they thought of the founding fathers when they created a new flag and had an uprising against the government that did so much for them…oh ya…they were traitors to England….hmmm…
    Sounds so familliar…seperate! Leave the country, do whatever…but you people sound like the same old issue our country had 239 years ago….history repeating itself and all you people have forgot that part.

    • Dillon Rogne

      History also has chapters, and in the older chapter there was racism, hate, and separation, as we were still accustom to older ways, those ways have stopped, we have evolved as a country and have bettered ourselves, now that the people are finally fully understanding their freedom and rights, those rights and laws and amendments are being changed. Right now, is that repetition of oppression, instead of changing the country we need to repair it. That’s how you change history.

  • tonilaura

    As long as the minorities rule, and no doubt they are ruling, anything goes. Jut look at the minority in certain colleges causing people to be fired, look at public schoolbooks, history that has no pages of Christianity but 36 pages of Islamic religion. Watters World interview, twenty year olds that thought the Revolutionary War was fought agains Russia, first Thanksgiving had Russians as guests, Civil War…don’t know.