Obama Voters Sign Petition to Ban the American Flag and Replace it With New Design for New World Order

Since this country is now certified batshit crazy the masks are coming off anti-Americans everywhere! I have but one question for the people who believe the US is imperialistic, racist, too rich etc why are you here? Leave America, go to Europe, South America, Russia and the middle east!

As you have seen in previous Mark Dice vids he is beyond clear and explicit of his petitions intention that many people willingly sign…
“the new flag will have like a pyramid with like a rainbow stripes and it looks really cool”
“the old stars and stripes represent the old world, imperialistic America. This petition is going to implement the new American flag banning the current American flag”

Now before people watching this say “oh well these are just typical crazy Californians” you need to understand this is in semi-conservative San Diego! #2 the people signing this petition are a sampling of the general progressive socialist attitude now sweeping across the country. Face it we have been fundamentally transformed, this is the America obama has been working to create since 2008!

BTW the guy in the light blue shirt that rushes up and says “ill sign that sh*t man” has a typical US Marine haircut… Camp Pendleton is not far away!