Dems Follow Obamas Lead Start a New Push For Gun Control

Well it didn’t take long for dems to pick up where obama left off calling for gun control after he politicized the Charleston massacre.

Not even 18 seconds into this vid and the lies start flying from Ogre (Grayson). It is an outright lie that one can walk into a gun show and just buy a gun without a background check. Dealers must run background checks at a gun show just as they would for someone walking into their brick and mortar store.

Next myth Ogre pushes is the idea that the guns he would love to see removed from public access are fully automatic. One can fire an AR-15(semi-auto) as fast as one of those low caliber weapons he cites in the interview. As a matter of fact to get a fully automatic weapon one has to go through an additional background check through the ATF, pay a tax to have said weapon and have the money to afford a fully automatic weapon which tends be in 5 figure+ range!

Gun grabbing progs like obama, Grayson and Schumer (more on him in a sec) know they cannot win the gun debate on facts. So they continue to push lies over and over again until the lies become facts.

Where do these people come from with this belief that they are all-knowing and wise where we should listen to their every word? What is the origin of this radical insane belief system? Better question who are the complete idiots that put these destroyers of freedom in power? All our rights are disintegrating at an accelerated rate. Progs know they cannot finish this country off as long as there is an armed populace!

Chuck-SchumerSo why did I mention Schumer? Well he started with the gun grabbing rhetoric again too telling the NY Daily News “three components of “common-sense” legislation: increasing the strength of gun background checks, particularly to weed out mentally ill individuals; requiring background checks at gun shows, and cracking down on the flow of guns from the South to cities in the Northeast.”

Background checks currently in place work but Schumer wants to broadly go after medical records. While on the surface that makes sense to weed out those with mental illness you should know by now if you give progs an inch they take 100 square miles! Did you have a death in the family, go through a divorce or some other traumatic event that required medication and counseling but your fine now? Well if progs have their way they’ll use that medical information to prevent someone like you from acquiring a weapon! There is no system in place and there won’t be to differentiate the true psycho head-cases from those who just went through a rough time. Progs will have is set up to treat everyone the same so they can prevent new owners and possibly disarm others!

Was the flow of alcohol stopped in the 1920’s? Is the war on drugs over? What about human trafficking? How about the list of illegal contraband coming across the border be it people to weapons, has all of that been stopped? Point is you cannot stop things no matter how many laws you pass because criminals DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW! Progs being the geniuses they claim to be cannot understand this simple fact. The real reason being is they don’t care, they just need an excuse to disarm everyone!

We cannot allow anymore gun laws or new regs to be put in place. Every single time we do we lose more of our freedom from this ever-growing tyrannical govt.