The Truth About Semi-Auto Firearms

10/2/17: This post was originally in response to the misinformation being put out by the media following the Sandy Hook massacre, then the Isla Vista/ Santa Barbara rampage where unfortunately it remains relevant to this day. Those with political agenda, to dismantle America as we know it, are constantly misinforming the public after every tragedy, demanding rights (Second Amendment) be taken away from millions over the action of one or a few.

In the Left’s eyes: The needs of the one or the few outweigh the needs of the many.

Please watch the video and share it especially to those clearly uninformed that looks have no affect on mechanical function.

12/17/12 The media is doing one hell of a job misinforming people about weapons used in these horrific mass killings. They are trying to paint the picture that many Americans are armed with assault rifles which is an outright lie. It’s on purpose because they assume you are too stupid to get educated on what they are pointing the finger of blame at.

Watch the video below produced by a San Jose police officer and share it with as many people as you know. It will prove the lies coming from the left. I don’t know if its ignorance, complacency or stupidity from people on the right but after these tragedies they do not challenge gun grabbers to tell the truth.

Case in point about the right: During Fox News’ The Five segment following the Sandy Hook massacre 12/17/12 liberal Bob Beckel ran his mouth about people having assault rifles which is a lie.
The Problem: Co-host Eric Bolling, a gun owner who knows this to be untrue, allowed Beckel to spew the lies unchallenged; Bolling never corrected Beckel. Instead Bolling carried on about not debating on the particulars because it was too soon after the tragedy; that’s a problem!

Another example: Not too soon after the Isla Vista, CA rampage 5/23/14 gun grabbers like Piers Morgan were at it again. Since an “assault rifle” wasn’t used, anti-gun people like Morgan went to plan “B” blaming the laws on the books, that people shouldn’t have access to any firearms while leaving out key FACTS. Facts like the killer bought his 3 guns legally and each time a background check was run where the killer then had to wait 10 days to take delivery. Other key facts that have been completely ignored are that the killer’s first three victims were stabbed to death. His next two victims unfortunately were shot dead and the sixth died from being hit by the killer in his BMW! You definitely will not hear anyone on the left but also the right in the media point out that only 2 of the 6 were killed with a gun. Those on the right will play it safe, not wanting to rock the boat.

The left is busy planting the seeds of misinformation which become facts while the right wants to be all touchy feely, talk things out and not be confrontational following these tragedies when they should be the ones taking the lead setting the record straight, regardless of who’s feelings get hurt!

I’m telling you people out there on the right thinking that way, bending over to the left it will be your undoing. Education and getting the facts out immediately following a tragedy is as important as talking about victims.

  • Allen Benge

    Thank you, sir, for a concise, logical explanation of the difference between automatic and semi-automatic firearms. I thought it was interesting that he used a stainless Mini-14 to show how appearances can be changed. I am sure most remember the TV series The A Team. The guns they used in that show looked like the Mini-14, but fired in full auto mode (even though they never hit anything.) The weapon they were using was the Ruger AC-556, which is a full-auto version of the Mini-14. I saw a cover photo on a police magazine once, and it showed a tower guard in California with what looked like a Mini-14, until I read the captioning. It clearly stated prison guards in California used the AC-556. You and I cannot buy the AC-556, since it is a fully automatic weapon. A Congressman once displayed a walnut and blued steel rifle that was a Ruger 10/22. He held up a black rifle that looked menacing.. He then revealed that both rifles were the same, a semi-auto .22LR. Don’t judge a book by its cover is an old saying, but so true in firearms.

  • Stewart Caldwell

    New Hampshire has approved constitutional carry (no permit) needed to carry concealed, no need to tell law enforcement that you have a handgun. VT and Maine already have similar laws. If the bad guys carry guns up here in northern new England, they’re outnumbered.