O’Reilly Calls Out Race Hustlers: You Want a War, You Got a War

This is one of O’Reillys best Talking Points and it’s clear he along with many Americans has had it with the lies and distortion the radical left has created over race. The left wants massive division so they can destroy every facet of our American identity. A psycho kills 9 people in a church and the destroyers want to take down monuments, flags etc everything that made this country what it is today, good or bad! They blame things for individuals actions. The radical race hustling left takes one isolated white on black event and makes it as if it is status quo running rampant in every American city and community. But did you hear any of these race hustlers say a word about black on black violence? You never hear them say a word about the Chicago Killing Fields, Baltimore killings and shooting that have spiked since the riots or the recent shooting in Philadelphia! No no we can’t talk about those and to even talk suggest talking about black on black violence makes us racist!

When legislative mistakes have been made we have Amendments to undo them but we leave that mistake on the books so people can see. The left is now engaged in destroying history.

Now the left has wind behind its back because the moment they cry wolf every goes into hiding for fear of having their lives destroyed for invoking their Fist Amendment Rights. This is the new racket of the left they don’t just blast you in an article, tv segment or blog post they now do everything they can to literally destroy an individual going as far as to have them lose their job for simply speaking their mind! The media as a whole is afraid to speak out against the radical left ( a beast they helped create) for fear they will be called racist and bigot.

America is not a racist nation. Yes like Bill O says there are pockets of racism but the nation is not racist. There are as many racist blacks as there are racist whites, asians, latinos etc! White America is so racist we have created all these entitlement programs that help the poor. Whites are so racist we have companies make it a point to hire minorities. Whites are so racist that we elected a “black” man to the presidency TWICE!

There is no racism in America, the radical left race hustling SOB’s take one isolated white on black event and make it as if it is status quo running rampant in every American city and community.

You want to know who is to blame for all of this? YOU ARE! Every single American out there who keeps their mouth shut never speaking out because you’re afraid to upset anyone or rock the boat. You empowered radicals by remaining silent. You have allowed a small minority of truly radical individuals to terrorize this nation who are so emboldened now they don’t stop at labeling you a bigot or a racist. Because of your silence and complacency they now have gone a step further to seek out and literally destroy the lives of anyone who crosses them.

Get off your asses and start speaking up. This nation is going down in flames because the majority is afraid to stand up against a handful of bullies.