Fmr Black Panther Chief Calls on Charleston Crowd to “Finish the Mission” Killing “Slave Masters”

Here you go America here is the face of real racism in America. Malik Shabazz, the former head of the New Black Panther Party, spoke at a Charleston rally telling attendees to finish the slave rebellion that was started by Denmark Vesey which led to the founding of the Mother Emanuel Church. Shabazz must be upset that the streets of Charleston weren’t torn apart with widespread looting, arson etc like in Ferguson and Baltimore. Correct me if I’m wrong but he is in fact trying to incite the violence we have seen over the last year in Charleston that has remained peaceful showing huge restraint after a racist monster massacred 9 innocent people during a bible study.

This Shabazz is a very dangerous individual. He took off the uniform and put a suit back on to run a legal organization that is the equivalent of the racket the Phelps family (Westboro Baptist Church) would run. You cross them they will destroy legally under the claims of civil rights violations.

For some unknown reason the attacks of racism continue to be made against white people in general; guilty by color of our skin for the actions of a few. True racists like Shabazz are given free rein to spew their vile rhetoric. Could you imagine if a white group organized screaming “white power, finish the mission”, where are the Denmark Vesey’s of today to finish the rebellion?!

Real trouble is brewing America unless people of all colors stand up and say enough to race hustling trouble makers like Shabazz.

ht Breitbart