Sen Sessions Warns Trade Deal Passed By House Will Transfer Power to Unelected Foreign Bureaucrats

The House passed the agreement which will allow the president to negotiate trade deals transferring power to foreign interests over the US. The progressive republicans want this deal because of their lobbyists and special interests who are positioned to profit from this. What we need is a trade deal that helps put Americans back to work vs stimulating other nations economies under the guise it will boost the US economy.

Dennis Kucinich maybe out there on issues but his warning about giving up our sovereignty is correct as Sen Sessions warns. The leadership in DC is completely out of control clearly acting in their own interests. As I have written the SOB’s are building their nest eggs and small little empires so when SHTF they will be the haves while we are the have-nots.

Call them, call the bastards and ask them if they read the deal they just voted for. If this trade deal is so wonderful why can’t we see it? Why did turncoat Paul Ryan invoke Pelosi saying they have to pass the bill before we could see what’s in it?! Sorry we tried this before and it has turned into a complete disaster. The idea of a trade bill that will give the president power, bypassing the Senate by the way, will result in trouble for us all.

You know what Sessions is the guy that should be running for POTUS! He is always looking out for the people’s best interests unlike the others in DC who only care for themselves.