AZ Sheriff: Trump is Right, Tapping Into Anger All Americans Should Feel

It’s not surprising to hear a border sheriff speak out in support of Trump. Sheriffs like Paul Babeu see the results of criminal illegal aliens everyday. If you’re expecting to hear DC take action on the border don’t hold your breath. There will be no stand alone border security bills or punishing those states and cities that are sanctuaries for illegals.

While I welcome hearing Sheriff Babeu speak out I have to ask why he is not enforcing the law? No I’m not talking about the immigration law as far as keeping illegals out. There is another part of the immigration law that makes it abundantly clear those engaged in ANY activity, lending aid to illegal aliens are committing felonies.

Here is an example of said code…

US Code 8 1327 Aiding aliens


If we want the current immigration laws on the books enforced then we have to start with the other part of the law that’s being ignored. America you need to put pressure those people in law enforcement (police chiefs, sheriffs, district attorneys etc) who are on our side to start enforcing the sample code above along with the rest of it here. Start locking up politicians, pundits, advocates etc who are actively engaged in helping illegal aliens. When the pro-immigration/ open border crowd in DC sees their own getting locked up they’ll get the hint.