Megyn Kelly Rips Dem Covering for Obama’s Silence on Woman Killed by Illegal Alien

This Richard Fowler is a vile disgusting excuse for human being. He actually has the audacity to go on the Kelly File dodging Megyn’s direct questions while preaching for comprehensive immigration reform. Watch it again and look how he sits there with a big smile on face covering for obama! Dems like Fowler are pushing hard for reform with the argument that if comprehensive reform was passed we wouldn’t have all these problem in the US. Like a good little progressive Fowler invokes the bs about our immigration system being broken to make his argument. What he leaves out is the fact that Congress and obama are the ones who broke the system!

What you need to know America is that the immigration law being ignored to allow illegals to run loose in the US also has some hefty penalties for those who aid and abet illegal aliens. In a nutshell ANYONE helping illegals is looking at 5-10 years federal prison time and/ or large fines. Penalties are all here in US Code Title 8. So what we need is law enforcement to step in and start arresting the enablers! Since DC broke the law by ignoring it to get their new class of voters it’s time for LE loyal to the Constitution and American people to start locking all the enablers up. The might be broken from their perspective but it doesn’t have to be for us!

We do not need a comprehensive immigration law. We need border security. ANYONE pushing for a comprehensive bill are the problem. All these comprehensive bills that DC produces always ends up being loaded with pork, favors for special interest etc and barely doing what we need, look how obamacare turned out. They could have passed simple tort reform, bills against rejecting people for pre-existing conditions etc and been done. No instead we get a nightmare bill that has created chaos. The same will happen if comprehensive immigration reform is passed.