Biden and Top Obama Admin Officials Caught Red Handed ‘Unmasking’ Michael Flynn

From left, FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper sit together in the front row before President Barack Obama spoke about National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance, Friday, Jan. 17, 2014, at the Justice Department in Washington. The president called for ending the government's control of phone data from millions of Americans. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


Joe Biden is directly involved in the unmasking of Gen Flynn along with John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey and other obama regime members, many who are NOT in the intelligence community who have no business unmasking a US citizen let alone a fmr 3 star general and National Security Advisor to the incoming admin, and listening to their private phone calls.

Here is Dementia Joe denying any knowledge which has now blown up in his face

Sen Rand Paul is adamant Biden is/was abusing his power against a political opponent, he is calling for investigations and making it clear this is potentially a criminal offense.

There’s a list of people – President Obama’s chief of staff, Vice President Biden, James Clapper, James Comey, John Brennan, it sounds like the entire upper circle – Samantha Power – of President Obama’s was listening to this and realized they did not have permission to listen to General Flynn.

via Catherine Herridge Twitter

As you can see from the list ONE name is missing – barack milhous benito obama. Why? Plausible deniability, BUT his Chief of Staff Denis McDonough is on there, and again Joe Biden. Regardless of their title, the VP and COS, or the US Ambassador to the UN are not in US intelligence, as Paul states “You have to get a warrant to listen to an American’s conversation.” Where’s the warrant granting these admin officials access to the General’s calls? It’s probably wherever the original FBI 302’s are to get the FISA warrants no one can seem to locate!

What’s key for people to understand is how the Electoral College actually works concerning the timeframe these monsters took AGAINST Donald Trump. They were looking for way to undo election before electors (We the People voted for) cast their vote and then sending it to Congress for their tally in Jan BEFORE Trump’s inauguration! Think about it had Flynn or whomever else they were spying on said or done something they thought they could use they would’ve brought public with the hopes of stopping the final vote! The People voted in Nov but the electors and Congress could have changed it all even flipping the election to Hillary!


If people don’t go to jail for this then it’s time for the People to flex their muscles. We outnumber them, and maybe a couple hundred thousand even a million show up in DC with Pitchforks and Torches (literally) in hand demanding their resignation might be necessary.