Pelsoi Intros $3T Covid “Aid” Bill Loaded With Wasteful Spending, Favors and Amnesty


Nancy Pelosi introduced a 1,815 page coronavirus “aid” bill at the bargain basement price of $3T+ dollars, written by whom NO ONE knows, and republicans were of course left out of it’s planning. Within this monstrous comprehensive bill are all kinds of wonderful NONSENSE at your (literally, you’ll see why) expense.


$1 trillion to bail out for states that were in financial trouble BEFORE the virus do to poor management. These states/cities that are in trouble are run by democrats from CA to NY. These leaders ran the states into the ground on frivolous programs, illegal immigration, pension programs structure like pyramid schemes etc and now they want taxpayer money to pay their debts.

Had enough?

Here is Tucker Carlson who did an outstanding job outlining this POS, especially with respect to all the benefits and protections for illegal aliens aka essential workers.


Pelosi wants to give illegals money, protection from deportation (we all know will be amnesty because once this bill is passed it’s never going to be repealed, just like obamacare). [immigration section page 1729] Bill will of course open the door for current visa holders and orders DHS to ‘expedite visa processing for foreigners who want to come to the US and work in health care’ taking jobs from furloughed US health care workers!

The Left also have a ‘‘Pandemic Justice Response Act’’ [page 1686] or as Tucker Carlson calls it a ‘prison break provision’ cutting federal prisoners loose who suffer from asthma, diabetes or is over 50 years old unless it can be proven they will commit a violent act. 🙄

The Senate GOP says this is DOA… yea so was Pelosi’s last wish list many items we’re included in the last aid bill, because GOP members were told to bite the bullet and vote for it because Americans need immediate help (aka dems held a gun to the GOP’s head).

This is a massive power grab in the name of public health many are warning about from yours truly to good cops speaking their mind and those in the spotlight. Dems know it and don’t care, this bug opened a door under the guise of acting in name of public health safety to bypass the Constitution/rules/procedures and protocols.

Nancy Pelosi, her aides nor anyone in the DNC wrote this bill. They had a wish list and this monster was produced: WHO WROTE IT?

What we need is a Clean Bills Act – which addresses the problem the bill is written for no more no less, outlaws comprehensive bills and also restricts the length of the bill. NO MORE 1800,2000 + page bills they must be 100 pages or less. This country was build under the Constitution which is roughly 23 pages. Anyone who has a problem with this is guilty of abusing the system funding the bs that taxpayers are burdened with paying for.