Top Military Brass Warn Under Obama Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Key Defense Agencies

Yes these men are retired but one should have no doubt there are many Generals and Admirals still active who agree with the warning they are issuing about the muslim brotherhood infiltrating the US govt. You would think with what we know right now about the one sided Iran nuke deal US active duty military would speak out. The same applies with Russia and Putin testing us constantly in the Ukraine (which we had agreed to protect in exchange for giving up their nukes) to having Russian bombers and fighter aircraft violate US airspace. Our military leaders remain silent though.

Obama is actively neutering the US military where those who have not been purged stay silent because to the avg American they care more about preserving their pension than honoring the oath they took and claim to hold in high regard.

I’ve said it a million times here folks we are on our own. Do not expect the US military to do what is right. The majority will be automatons following orders even though they know it’s wrong. How do we know this to be true? Their silence on so many issues says it all. And sorry to those who may respond don’t give me that song and dance about Uniform Code of Conduct etc.. a time comes when you have to break ranks to do what’s right. Those who have spoken up got canned the rest stay silent to protect their rank and pension.