Judge Pirro: Sanctuary Cities Are Safe Havens For Criminal Aliens

Been a while since we’ve seen the Judge thunder away but as always Pirro delivers. In a nutshell sanctuary cities are lawless cities. They have more or less said to the govt and the people they don’t care about the law and will do what they want. These cities are magnets for illegal aliens and frankly I’m putting the blame on them as much as our do nothing Congress for the never ending rush at the border.

Americans are being put in danger everyday because of these safe havens for criminal aliens. Federal funding should be cut off to all sanctuary cities immediately but that is not going to be enough.

So what can we do about the “broken immigration system”? States can enforce federal immigration law but I’m not talking about the immigration law most speak of. No I’m talking about the other part of the law NO ONE is talking about where those who aid and abet illegal aliens are looking at 5-10 years prison time and hefty fines.

US Code 8 1327 Aiding aliens

The general penalty provisions in US Code Title 8 are being completely ignored. Take a look for yourself and you will see much of what is going on in this country by our leaders and high profile individuals is punishable by law. The immigration system is broken, broken by those charged to enforce it.

Since the people can’t do anything about illegals coming here then we need to do something about those who encourage, “aid and abet”, illegals to come to the US! It’s time for law enforcement, prosecutors etc to see what parts of the law they can enforce and hopefully start arresting those individuals, be it the mayor to high ranking politicians, celebrities, activists etc, who are willfully aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

A mayor and city council who ignore federal law creating a sanctuary city should be arrested and brought up on charges along with a sheriff or police head who goes along with them (ie San Francisco). Now why Pirro and others angry about what is going on haven’t said anything about any of this is beyond me. That said its on us to make something happen. America start pressuring your local law enforcement officials to go after leadership who has played a hand in creating this immigration mess.

When politicians, leaders, high profile individuals start getting carted away in handcuffs watch and see how quickly things will change in this country. Now do those of you like Sheriff David Clarke, Sheriff Joe Arpaio etc have the balls to start locking the elites up?