Mark Levin: Time to Ban “Democratic Party” Because It’s the ‘Party That Stood for Domestic Terrorism’

“I have an idea let us ban the name Democratic Party, because the Democratic Party through much of its history was a party of terrorism, was a party of the Klansman, was a party at the segregationists and today the Democrat Party is the party of tyranny and totalitarianism.”

America what are we doing? Why are you allowing a minority of progressive thugs to dictate what we can and cannot say? No flag, word or name of a sports team has made someone hate another. The hate was already there where these haters co-opted said symbols and turned them to hate.

Curious since the Confederate Flag is under full attack why hasn’t the left gone after Gold’s Gym? The Charleston killer was wearing a Gold’s Gym tank-top, isn’t safe to assume under the lefts twisted logic this gym chain is a breeding ground for racists!? But we’re not done here no no by the lefts logic the White House should be torn down since it was built by slaves and Mt Rushmore should be blown to bits because of slave owners Jefferson and Washington!

While this is a short clip Mark Levin is correct with all if the bullet points he runs through about the democratic party. They are the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, segregation etc yet for some unknown reason the silent majority has allowed them to pin all a charges of hate and racism on the right! If anything should be banned/ censored it should be the democratic party which is on a rampage.

Like the Great One says about obama and the left “this is what change looks like America, dictatorship, censorship.”

And if you are compliant, silent because you don’t want to lose friends, family or even your job YOU ARE AS MUCH OF A PROBLEM AS THEY ARE!