Ann Coulter: By End of Weekend More Americans Will Have Been Killed By Mexicans Than ISIS or Sharks

Coulter is 100% right even though we know the left will come out and attack her for making this statement that more Americans will be killed by Mexicans than ISIS or sharks. What we need is to get as many eyes on crimes committed by illegals the same way folks are tracking racism and gun crimes. What you will find will of course will be the truth vindicating her and Donald Trump.

One of the things that has to happen is for victims or families of victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens to sue the city and or state. San Francisco is violating federal law (see below) by being a sanctuary city. The family of Kathryn Steinle should go after the city, Gov Brown and ICE for failing to keep illegal alien, Francisco Sanchez, locked up since they are incompetent in keeping him out of the US!

Anyone in the pool of GOP candidates for 2016 who goes against Trump, Coulter and others on immigration want illegal aliens in the US. Jeb Bush is pro-immigration because he, like all progressives, wants to create that new pool of voters to be in power.Progressives only care about what they can get out of illegals which is one party rule and cheap labor. They are creating a slave class which for whatever reason conservatives cannot see or do see but are afraid to say it publicly. Progressives do not want a secure border, they want immigration reform because of the bureaucracy and power a new law would create for them… like obamacare!

We don’t need immigration reform or any new laws created. What we need is the border locked down, the visa program reigning in to fig out who should and shouldn’t be here. Start deporting people regardless of emperor obama’s illegal decree. Frankly if folks would just take look at US Code Title 8 but more importantly the parts on penalties and you will see the majority of the pro-immigration crowd who willfully lend illegals a hand are guilty of committing a felony!

Let me be clear I am NOT an attorney but under Section 8 USC 1324 it states any US citizen that willfully and knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water, shelter etc has committed a felony punishable with heavy fines and LONG jail time (5-10 years)!

Folks I implore you to look into US Title Code and make a lot of noise. All it takes is one brave police chief, sheriff, prosecutor to go after politicians and pro-illegal immigration crowd armed with this Code. When they see people getting locked up for aiding and abetting you will see this argument change. Until then illegal aliens will continue to come into the US.