Michigan Man Posts Video Expecting to Die in Standoff With Sheriff Over Property Dispute

This video is a cry for help. This is a complex case I do not know the whole story. What I do know is that the police/ sheriffs in many parts of the US have become tax enforcers and collectors for the towns and cities they work in and banks. They will act on an order regardless of the legal fight an individual may be engaged in vs giving them time.

The reason I am sharing this is in hopes it will get in front of or to someone with a strong legal background who can step in put the brakes on whatever is in process before chaos erupts. Is there anyone in the many Constitutional legal foundations (The Rutherford Institute, Landmark Legal, American Center for Law and Justice etc or the like) out there that can step in and help Ted Visner? People were there for Cliven Bundy we need a similar response but with legal eagles to help him out, leave the guns home boys and girls…

Ted Visner just posted this video today to give an explanation to his situation over the eviction and laws on foreclosure stressing he has been denied due process.

Visner’s Youtube page