DHS Chief: No Opinion Over Whether Sanctuary Cities Violate Federal Law

DHS Chief Jeh Johnson has no opinion on a federal laws he has been charged to enforce? WTH is going on in this country anymore. Everything is completely upside down, where the lunatics are clearly running the asylum. This answer alone by Johnson should be enough to initiate impeachment proceedings by Congress. He is an attorney, he knows plenty but is dodging since keeping illegals in the US is all about getting votes for democrats/progressives.

The US is being invaded by thousands of illegal aliens everyday and no one in the obama regime is doing anything to stop it because they don’t want to. Cloward and Piven strategy is being played out by this regime using illegal aliens to overwhelm the system. Congress completely useless and impotent will never lift a finger to stop the regime and the military is too busy CYA to uphold their oath.

We’re on our own America. Those of you on the border do whatever you have to do. To the handful of oathkeepers in law enforcement it’s time to use the “broken immigration” law against those who broke it. The penalties for those who aid and abet illegals is clear, find the loophole and start arresting govt officials helping illegals.