Clinton Voters Want Bill of Rights Repealed

These people are pretty scary supporting the idea to repeal the Bill of Rights. It’s safe to assume most have never read the Bill of Rights or realize what they are in fact suggesting. These people should not be dismissed or mocked as they are a representation of huge voting block of the nation who is blind-fully supporting Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the USA.

  • melanie faulkner

    The idea that some of these people actually vote is frightening and maybe it is time to give test on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights now! Lmao these people are flipping idiots!

  • llltapp NPmadness

    How to Make Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Marxist Flavored Kool Aid


    1. Malignant Narcissism

    2. Shamelessness

    3. Magical Thinking-distortion, delusion (leads to rage if confronted)

    4. arrogance

    5. envy

    6. entitlement- often of vulnerable

    7. exploitation

    8. no individual boundaries between self and others- they are part of you and are supposed to SERVE you, what’s theirs is yours

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    8. You shall not laugh at us.

    9. You shall not believe that anyone cares about you.

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  • Fred Compton

    you cant fix stupid

  • Mike Santarella

    How can people be so stupid ?????