Conservatives Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Paying a Penny to Facebook

It’s insane for conservatives to sink money into Facebook when there is proof, like the piece below from Wired, that a portion of their money that goes to FB also goes to Mark Zuckerberg who is bankrolling a push for amnesty!

Conservatives, republicans, Constitutionalists and like minds now you know why Facebook reach is being brought to zero. For any page owner surely over the last few years you have seen a decrease in the number of fans you’re reaching. Frankly reach is being restricted regardless of who or what you are!

fb shenanigans

It doesn’t matter if you’re the president, professional athlete, entertainer etc, Facebook is restricting everyone’s reach to 1-3% on avg! Facebook wants everyone who has a fan page to pay to reach followers who chose to follow them.

Let this be a lesson to any conservative leaning organization, group, business etc that is PAYING Facebook to boost posts and/or buy ads YOU ARE HELPING FINANCE the lefts amnesty agenda!


Zuckerberg-backed Site: Immigration Stance Could Doom GOP
by Issie Lapowsky | Wired
The Republican party is pretty well doomed if doesn’t do more to embrace Hispanic voters, according to a new web tool released by the Mark Zuckerberg-backed advocacy group, which pushes for immigration reform. The tool aggregates both population and voter data to show how an influx of Latino and Asian American voters will sway elections in the future, potentially costing the GOP future victories if it fails to soften its stance on immigration issues…more