Fiorina Takes Chris Matthews to the Woodshed Over Hillary’s Record

After owning the GOP “happy hour” debate Carly Fiorina appeared on Hardball, with Chris “Tingles” Matthews, to continue dishing out a can of whoopass!

Tingles had a problem with Carly calling Hillary a liar where Fiorina more less said to hell with political correctness Hillary is shady and she is going to call her out on it! IF one lies about an attack over seas, lies about the handling of sensitive emails then why is it a crime to call them a liar?

If today is a hint of the ability Fiorina possesses, she maybe the right one to go up against Hillary! The American people are done with politicians and frankly the presidency or any electable seat was not solely meant for a specific class of people. Most would rather see a successful business person in office than these inexperienced all talk career politicians.