Must See Video Shot By US Serviceman Who Stopped Terrorist Attack Inside French Train

French train terror victimsThis is incredible video! You can see injured victims being given aid, hear American servicemen talking even one saying he tried to shoot the terrorist while they look for a pistol after subduing the terrorist who tried to kill passengers on a French train bound for Amsterdam!

At the time the story broke the identities of the servicemen has not been confirmed. Some reports said they are Marines but these videos from LiveLeak were originally/ allegedly sent to an account holder by his brother who was on the train who subdued the terrorist!! The original post has since been taken down as it appears the account holder was contacted by the msm but the info below was part of the original post[Google cache screenshot]:

My bro who stopped the France Terror Attack today sent me these.
My brother and our friend, Oregon National Guard and Air Force respectively, were on some R and R in Europe.Terrorist came on their train with an AK, pistol, and knife. He fired off his first clip and then reloaded. Our friend tackled him and then my bro grabbed the AK and tried to shoot the terrorist. It jammed. Terrorist pulls pistol and is disarmed. Then pulls knife and stabs our friend, the poor white guy not in cuffs with the wounds on his neck/head. My bro took this video and sent it to me. He then took the AK buttstock and beat the terrorist in the head. Third friend can be heard also in background. They are looking for the pistol.”

France Terror Attack Google Cache