Glenn Beck Sounds Off on DOW Drop: Something Bad is Coming Our Way

We’ve been hearing the warnings from many financial experts and radio personalities like Beck that an economic collapse is on our horizon. When? No one knows but the out of control spending, printing of money, unsustainable entitlement programs etc bubble will eventually burst.

I’m no financial expert, this is just my opinion…

If you are invested in stocks and can get out of the market do it on days when it goes up,(at profit, to break even or take a small loss), do not panic sell on days like today where you take massive losses. What you have to keep in mind is that on top of the bad news and volatility there are people manipulating the stock market. Many investors lost money today but just as many made a lot of money too! The system is rigged in their favor which is just another reason Beck and others have said a restart has to come as things just cannot go on as they are. If you’re going to play the market get in and out quickly and make sure you have trading stops in place, hedge your positions, to protect against a large drop.

You’re better off investing in yourself and things you will need with the coming economic collapse. You can’t eat worthless cash or frankly gold! If you have the gold bug consider buying silver instead, it’s cheaper and will appreciate at greater percentage than gold. Put your money in things of quality that have value, learn a trade or skill. Food, water, meds, fuel, AMMO and other items that can be traded will have more value than a piece of gold!

No one knows when economic collapse/ restart will be but consider the last two trading sessions a warning shot across the bow. It should also be clear we are in no economic recovery, where a few experts will argue we are still in a recession. Those who frequent this site know I have been calling this a stealth depression. Only one economist has had the guts to come out publicly and say we’re in a depression, when others start pushing that prepare for all hell to break loose.