Mark Levin Blasts the Media for Instigating Candidate Feuds

Levin rightfully so ripped into the media for trying to instigate feuds among the GOP candidates. With Trump in the race all the crap media sees is big ratings and the money they can rake in from advertisers. This circus the media is conducting with the GOP debates is really the fault of the RNC, more specifically Reince Priebus.

The RNC are the ones agreeing to have all these debates and by whom. Why Reince and company have allowed the media so much power and control over republican/ conservative debates is baffling. Then again we get we understand they want to get their guy (Jeb) in since the media (Fox) will do what they are told!

We will never see someone like Levin moderating these debates either. No, no instead we get “journalists” with a bias and/ or agenda launching witch hunts or ignoring candidates to manipulate public perception.

Ted Cruz for example is a certifiable “Class A” debater but you would never know because he has been practically shut out of 2 debates now. If he was permitted to really speak he would walk all over the other candidates.

This current format is never going to allow the American people see who these people are and where they stand on an issue. The back and forth and mudslinging will turn people off to the entire process and out will come the establishments pick for nominee.