WH Press Sec Denies Muslim Terrorist Training Camps Are in US. DOJ & FBI Say Otherwise!

“Well I, I haven’t seen anybody produce any evidence to substantiate the claim that there are…”

Josh “Dis-“Earnest is living up to his nickname and proving he truly is the Minister of Propaganda by denying there are no muslim terrorist training camps in the US.

It is absolutely irresponsible and frankly dangerous to deny the existence of these camps to make political points for the coming presidential election. We get it no one in DC likes Donald Trump, let alone those who support him. But what the individual brought up during a Trump Q&A session, asking about these camps, is legit and should not be dismissed.

The beginning of this year reports were out on the threat from radical islamic groups by the Clarion Group and a fmr CIA operative warned of 19 paramilitary muslim training facilities within the US.

In 2014 we were talking about these camps learning there areĀ  22 jihadist training camps in Texas

The DOJ declassified a report stating there are 35 training camps!

This redacted FBI record is from 2007

FBI 2007ht WZ

The evidence is right there for anyone to see! Forget all the other screw-ups, misinformation and divisive talk, Earnest should be removed as Press Secretary over this alone!