CAIR Demands Dr Carson to Withdraw From Presidential Race

Dr Ben Carson’s OPINION that he would “absolutely not” want a muslim in the White House is exactly consistent with the US Constitution, being that it is his right of free speech being expressed. Do tell us Nihad Awad if Carson doesn’t withdraw then what? Hm!? What will you and your group, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations which has been deemed a terror supporting organization), do if Carson stands his ground and doesn’t withdraw?

Informed Americans know islam means submission, as admitted by cleric Anjem Choudary, so boycotts and acts of intimidation are expected from this radical group. America take note as CAIR’s demands for Carson to withdraw is in fact a demand to be sharia compliant.

Well Mr National Executive Director this is ‘murica where we have freedom of speech, we won’t forbid people from running for POTUS or class clown because they invoked their First Amendment right! And we’ll be damned if we start becoming sharia compliant. You people at CAIR don’t like what we say here, you are more than welcome to leave anytime you want!