Irving TX is Ground Zero for Islamists Waging “Civilization Jihad” Using Ahmed Mohamed

What is happening in Irving with Ahmed is not by accident, an influence operation right out of islamists playbook is being carried out. While many are on board agreeing the “clock” Ahmed Mohamed made is a hoax NO ONE wants to address the real back story going on in Irving TX. Think back to early 2015, this is the same community where muslims were pushing for sharia tribunal to be instituted but were shut down by the Mayor. Fast forward back to today we have the perfect situation to advance islamists desire for a “”muslim privilege exemption” to: “if you see something say something“” and of course institute sharia by using Ahmed Mohamed, whose father ran for Pres of Sudan twice and has direct ties to CAIR.

Islamists couldn’t get what they want through direct means so now they use a kid being “discriminated” by the school and community under the charges of islamophobia. This would be true if other kids had brought in homemade clocks and didn’t get in trouble but that isn’t the case. The fact that less than 10% of the students in the school are white dismisses any suggestion of racism! Islamists know this country is under heavy assault from the political correct police so why not use it and a kid to advance their agenda of civilization jihad!?

Are you aware that the family were no-shows in meetings with the Mayor and officials but ready for CAIR to do press conference before news of Mohamed’s arrest hit the wire!? Did you know Ahmad clammed up when police questioned him but was more than happy to talk once CAIR had all the media cameras waiting for him!? The family will not permit all the information on Ahmed’s arrest, because he’s a minor, to be released either, so only one side of the story is being told. Allegedly compliments from obama and others went out BEFORE the pics of the device were released. A device mind you that is a countdown clock dismantled and put inside a briefcase taken to school that was NOT a school assignment! Ahmed Mohamed wouldn’t get past TSA checkpoint let alone the front gate of the White House with this “invention” of his according to security expert and former Green Beret Jim Hanson! Irving, TX Mayor Beth Van Duyne wants Americans to hear facts like these on clockgate because the school, city and of course police are being made out to be the bad guys.

Nothing is ever what it seems and hopefully the more people are educated on this the better. This country is under constant attack from almost every corner. If it’s not our own political class trying to usurp the Constitution we have radical islamists who will use a child to take this nation down. How did we get here? Political correctness, and it will be the means to our end!