Radical Muslim Groups Active and Training for Warfare in the US

Islamist Organizations in America: Clarion Project’s directory of organizations active in the US

If you haven’t seen The Project I highly advise you make the time to watch it! Everything unfolding today is by design from the PC police using extremists vs muslims extremists to infiltration into the US govt.

National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro speaks with Bill O’Reilly & Lou Dobbs on radical islam groups active in the US. From camps, hard lined imams to CAIR, the islamic extremist cause is being advanced right here on US soil.

Clearly the govt is aware of these groups keeping a watchful eye but how long until the US is attacked by individuals directly tied to any of these groups? What excuses will we hear after an attack? Remember the govt knew about the Tsarnaev brothers but that didn’t stop them from bombing Boston Marathon! Do the pro arguments to keep these groups under surveillance outweigh the cons? With the increased level of attacks around the world it’s just a matter of time until a major strike is launched against the US.

Will we see another 9/11? Probably not but something like it on a wider scale as well-coordinated. Low tech is what works best for these monsters, a repeat of the Westgate Mall in Kenya is the most optimal style of attack. Imagine this kind of attack all at the same time in major US cities. Four well armed gunmen can inflict a massive amount of carnage in a short amount of time. Or maybe they will attack infrastructure shutting the lights off and poisoning water supplies. Their main goal is high body count and chaos, taking out section of the power grid and/or food/water supply would lead to that. It wouldn’t be far-fetched for terrorists to then launch attacks during a crisis! Imagine hitting a food/water distribution center where there would be 100’s even 1000’s of people present and completely defenseless!

Sorry to say with obama, Holder, Johnson etc running the country do not expect anything to be done to stop a massive attack. These people do not even want to call out the individuals and groups cited in this clip who pose a threat to the nation. All we can do is stay alert and be prepared, because those guerrillas training at “Islamberg” in Hancock, NY (and elsewhere in the US) are not training to fight in a foreign land.. they are training to kill Americans!