Valerie Jarrett: Obama “Hasn’t Forgotten a Thing” About Constitutional Law

Well now isn’t this a treat for Sub-President Jarrett to make an appearance on the imperial regimes propaganda network! Jarrett was gracious enough to take time out of her schedule running the country while obama plays golf to let everyone know her puppet is acting within their views of the law. What law that is, is beyond me. Sub President Jarrett claims obama “hasn’t forgotten a thing” and is acting “very well within his legal authority” under the Constitution huh? Where exactly in Article II does it say the president can make laws? Wait let me rephrase that… where in Article II does it say the president can make laws whenever he wants, bypassing the legislative branch who is authorized under the Constitution to be the branch of govt that makes laws? Is this under the Good & Plenty Clause?

Notice the talking points Jarrett runs through, after justifying her puppets power grab? They sound familiar because they are the talking points she has instructed obama and the rest of the regime to regurgitate to justify executive amnesty. She wants her new bloc of voters and will get them one way or another to ensure “obama’s” legacy (really her legacy). Any doubt who is running the white house now?