Fmr CIA Operative: There Are 19 Paramilitary Muslim Training Facilities in the US

After weighing on the deployment of 400 troops to Syria to train “moderate” rebels Fmr CIA Operative Wayne Simmons expressed his concern with these No-Go Zones.

We need more people ringing the warning bell outside of Fox about these muslim No-Go Zones within the US and the dangers they pose on the Homeland. This was first reported a few nights ago when a representative from the Clarion Project spoke on the O’Reilly Factor. These No-Go Zones are not small communities of “moderate muslim” (in which Simmons doesn’t believe in) families just keeping to themselves. As Simmons explains these are paramilitary groups training for war. Islamic radicals active and freely living in the US are not training to be shipped back to the middle east or Europe they are training to kill Americans.

When we get hit again it won’t be of any surprise if the attackers are traced back to one of these No-Go Zones. This govt has a knack for keeping dangerous people under watch but dropping the ball to stop them from attacking; perfect example Boston Bombers. Oh and libs please don’t come out in their defense using the Amish as an example that they have a right to a closed community. The Amish are not preaching hate and the destruction of the USA!