Krauthammer: Obama is Negotiating With Iran Out of ‘Weakness and Desperation’

Obama has nothing left to stand on since he has squandered the US’ reputation and strength away, so Krauthammer is correct saying it is a move out of “weakness and desperation”. His majesty wheeling and dealing with Iran is going to put people around the world in danger. They have a history of not living up to their word and defying the world body, why he thinks he can negotiate with them is beyond logic. The general theory behind this move is that obama will ease sanctions imposed against them for their nuclear development program in exchange for Iran to get involved in dealing with ISIS. But history has shown every deal obama makes always leaves the US with our hands in the air.

What did we get out of the Bergdahl deal? NOTHING!
What did we get out of the Cuba deal? NOTHING!
The reset with Russia did what exactly? NOTHING!

Time and again obama has demonstrated he is a complete failure in foreign policy. As Rush stated it’s not incompetence, all these actions take thought. Obama thinks he can make nice with the worst people around the world with a handshake and smile. Yes, they will return the smile to him but as soon as they walk from the negotiating table they’ll have that smirk on their face “ha ha, got him”!

What nation rich in oil needs to develop nuclear energy? Iran cannot be permitted to develop nuclear weapons, when they have a bomb they will use it through one of their proxies against the US, Israel or one of our allies in Europe. If negotiations fail he won’t get sanctions back and will make excuses as to why. Our allies know this why they remain silent is mind-boggling as well!