Dem Rep Barbara Lee: Obama Right Not to Call Terrorists ‘Islamic Extremists’ Because It Would Anger Them

What great leadership we have in DC. So Under Barbara Lee’s (and all progressives for that matter) logic in the name of national security lets not even call out or identify those who are hell-bent to kill us? She says it’s not being politically correct but then contradicts herself that we don’t want to make things worse in the war on terrorism. No, no lets just call them extremists so we can lump them together with everyone else who is an enemy to this president vs enemies to the civilized world!

Rep Lee is so clueless she doesn’t even understand that the politically correct approach to not even identify radical islam is a surrender in the eyes of terrorists. We don’t want to anger them or make things worse? They are already angered and things are getting worse even with the word police in force. These islamic radicals couldn’t careless what we do or say to appease them. Our very existence, our culture is an insult to their demented death cult. They hate the west because they hate freedom. Look at how islamists live and dictate life for those under their control, it’s complete islamo-fascism! Those who swear islam is the way love it because it governs every aspect of ones life there is no freedom. The US and western life is a threat to those islamists in power. They don’t want those under their rule getting a hint of what their life could be like where women are free to be educated, drive a car, not feel like property and to know what its like to walk out the door to feel the warmth of the Sun on their body! They don’t want children to know life outside of living to die in martyrdom, or having to pray 5 times a day etc. Listen to radical clerics like Anjem Choudary and you will get a sense of the iron fist radical islam wants for the world.

Lee and her ilk are either incompetent or silently completely complicit with radical islam. But here’s the problem as Rush said about obama the same applies to radical dems, they aren’t incompetent. What they do and say requires thought and action so one is left to conclude people like Lee are in fact complicit with radical islam. When you take a step back to look at it, it provides the same level of control (tyranny) progressives have been moving toward for 100 years!