Fmr Al Qaeda Insider & Double Agent Warns ‘Sleeper Cells Are Waking Up Now’

Morten Storm was inside al Qaeda, he knows how these people think and act. If he says sleeper cells are waking up you better take that warning seriously and multiply it by a factor of ten! These monsters are patient to accomplish their goals until the time is right to strike regardless of police and military counter-terrorism efforts.

The current sweep of sleeper cells IMO is a weeding out of weak cells who didn’t cover their tracks. This sweep though will not stop whatever is coming, if anything it has encouraged cells yet to be hit to modify and accelerate their plans. There is only so much the military and law enforcement can do to stop an attack, we will be hit again. Take note while we see these sweeps in Europe how many have occurred in the US? When was the last time you heard about terror cells being taken out in the US? We just had a report about 19+ islamist training camps on US soil, were any of them raided? NO! While Europe is doing what they can to stop these monsters the obama regime allows them to exist and train. Europe is prepared while the obama regime is releasing those in Gitmo who will most likely rejoin AQ to kill Americans and/ or our allies!

With this pointed out does anyone in the US really feel safe?