Muslim Journalist & Asst Prof Blames Abu Ghraib and US Policy for Charlie Hebdo Attacks

This crybaby, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, for the second time now wants to blame everyone else for those acting in the name of islam. What these monsters are doing is not George Bush’s, treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, American “colonialism”, the Jews or anyone else’s fault. These monsters are acting out based on what they have read in the koran and taught by radical clerics. Where? Where are these islamic leaders he claims that are condemning attacks done in the name of islam?

These people are nowhere to be found and don’t blame the media either for not putting them on air either. Where are the marches and protests by “moderate” muslims? According to Shihab-Eldin there are many muslims upset with what radical islam is doing so where are they? Did we miss the “Million Muslim March For Peace” against the radical extremists within their ranks?

The only gathering we heard about took place in Texas over the weekend “Stand With the Prophet” and uh guess what! They would only allow a selected few in the media cover the event!

‘Free Beacon’ Banned From Stand with the Prophet Event

So we are to accept “moderate” muslims are so upset they will gather but shut out the media as a whole from their event then WHINE they have no voice when they speak out against radical islam?! They should have allowed every single camera from ABC to Fox, Breitbart, The Blaze etc into this event… if they have nothing to hide!

Seriously!? Does this make any sense to anyone?! NO! Moderate muslims silence speaks loud and clear where they stand.

Shihab-Eldin is trying to downplay all of this by calling out Christian extremists who bomb abortion centers is absurd because they are a rarity. When was the last time you heard about an abortion center being bombed? He makes it sound as if Christian extremists are as active as muslim extremists which is a lie.

Lets give him the benefit of the doubt for a minute.. if you take all the alleged attacks by other religious extremists they still don’t add up to a fraction of what those acting in the name of islam have done! You cannot compare religious radicals on abortion or even those Westboro Baptists Church nuts to islamic extremists. The body count and destruction by radical islam is proof.