Krauthammer: Obama ‘Wants to Punish the Rich Regardless of Effect on Economy’

Obama plans to announce, during his State of the Union speech, tax hikes for the rich to pay for free stuff he keeps offering to the uninformed class to secure his legacy and maintain a lie that dems work for the people. His majesty since day one has been attacking the rich seeking to redistribute wealth giving off the appearance he is Robin Hood. That couldn’t be any further from the truth, and the truth is Robin Hood didn’t steal from the rich to give to the poor, he stole from the govt who was stealing from the poor!

Obama attacks the rich constantly and wants to take money they earned, already taxed once, to tax it again funding our out of control govt! Krauthammer is right that obama just wants to punish the rich regardless of the effect. Class warfare has worked well for him over the years, so he will continue to move the US more into a socialist system even though he couldn’t show a poor person who created jobs. The rich earned their money and will invest it back into their business etc, but with obama attacking them where is the incentive to invest more in the economy?! What he and frankly all of govt is doing to the American people with this corrupt tax system is obscene. The progressives (R’s & D’s) will talk a big game about tax reform but what do we always end up with? More tax hikes! Heck over the last couple of weeks they have been speaking out about raising the gas tax after prices were finally coming down!

The timing of this tax hike proposal couldn’t be any worse as a report came out that the top 1% holds all the wealth of the world. Do not be surprised if he uses this in his State of the Union speech. The man is a professor in propaganda, he will use it even though some of those 1%r’s are the ones who put him into power!