Minister of Propaganda: Because of Obama’s Policies, ‘We Staved Off the Second Great Depression’

There is only one honest reply to the Minister of Propaganda… LIAR!

What kind of sick individuals praise writing off 100 million Americans out of work as a success? Yes, unemployment is down only because so many have given up looking for work, many no longer qualifying for benefits are not being counted.

What about the record 46,000,000 Americans receiving food stamps for 38 straight months? Or how about the 48,000,000 living in poverty? Is this something to brag about, that people do not have enough money for food and are living in poverty!? Does any of this sound prosperous to you?

The economy is not booming, there was no recovery and we have NOT staved off the second Great Depression. The US is in fact in a stealth depression and has been for years. Countless times I have said that the economic numbers of today dwarf those of the 1930’s that the food lines, job lines etc all images of the first Great Depression have been replaced with unsustainable social entitlement programs. The country is broke, this is a fact or are you not aware of the $18,093,530,000,000 national debt? Do you know that $7,500,000,000,000 of this number has been racked up under obama? The banks, big auto have all been propped up by govt bailouts. The Fed has pumped billions of printed/ digitized money into the economy which has in fact devalued the dollar while charging 0% interest on (printed) money loaned out. What you have here folks is a rubber band being stretched out beyond its tolerance and it will snap back. It’s not a question of if but when, and when that happens all hell will break loose…

Earnest, obama, all the bobbleheads in DC for the State of the Union speech have all played a willful role in the destruction of this country. Instead of trying to slow things down and prepare they spend more under the guise of investment by taxing Americans to no end. The longer these idiots lie and delay the inevitable economic collapse the worse it will be for everyone.