Rush on Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address: Who Cares! It’s a Vote Buying Scheme

Rush deserves a medal for admitting he will sit and watch obama lie for an hour plus. Based on obama’s previous press conferences and speeches he will within the first minute or two lie at least 2-3 times! If you like getting your blood pressure worked up by all means watch this clown push his progressive propaganda.

This speech if told truthfully would be a huge alert, warning that the country is in dire situation with the economy foreign policy etc. Instead his majesty will talk about all the programs he will expect Congress to act on spending money we don’t have. Higher taxes to less freedoms in the name of the economy and national security while stressing the need to keep the floodgates open to illegal aliens. All of his babble like Rush says are set up the dems to buy votes from the uninformed class and get money from the elites.