Benghazi Victim’s Uncle Says ‘Hillary Clinton Is a Serial Liar’

Benghazi victim, Sean Smith’s uncle Michael Ingmire lashed out at Hillary Clinton calling her a serial liar following her testimony in front of the Benghazi House Select Committee.

In a sane world Clinton would have been forced to withdraw from running for POTUS, but we live in insane times. Approx 40% of the country stands by this criminals side and they couldn’t careless how many lies she tells or the fact that she has tampered with/ destroyed evidence during an investigation. They also don’t care that her poor decisions resulted in the death of this mans nephew and three other men not to mention many others severely injured. Did we talk about the gun running yet? Odd isn’t it!? Many major news agencies have reported on weapons being run into the middle east yet no one has pinned it on Clinton or the obama regime. This just goes to show you how close this nation is to going off the cliff.

Pray America… pray the FBI took notes today and compares it to what they have on this witch so she can be indicted. Otherwise if she walks you’re looking at the next President of the United States!