Rep Jordan Grills Clinton to Get Her Story Straight: ‘Planned Attack or No Planned Attack Which One is It?’

If the Benghazi investigation was headed by dems all we would hear is praise and leading questions to cover for Hillary Clinton’s dereliction of duty. Thankfully we have guys like Jim Jordan on the Committee who pay attention to details.

Jordan called Clinton out how in her emails she says they know the Benghazi attack was not because of the video yet told the nation it was. This woman is serial liar caught red-handed and one can only hope the FBI is watching and will get a transcript of her testimony today to use in their investigation.

Let me make it absolutely clear if you didn’t get the hint from Rep Jordan. NO ONE WATCHED the video prior to 9/11/12. While the video has been removed the YouTube page for it still exists where stats can be viewed. In Oct 2012 I took a screenshot of the stats to show there was no activity on the vid until after the attack. I even included a political ad’s stats to demonstrate what a vid that goes viral looks like after release.

There were no protests over this video that led to the attack, how could there be if no one watched it? Furthermore, Libya was in full civil war so who has the time let alone internet access to hop on YouTube and FIND this one video? But that’s what Clinton and dems want you to believe even though the stats from the vid show NO ONE watched until AFTER the attack.

This is all a cover-up over Hillary and obama’s failed foreign policy while running guns to the middle east through Stevens via Benghazi. There are plenty of stories on the web from Reuters, ABC News etc addressing the gun running.