Border Agent: Surge of Illegals Remains High Because of Obamas Catch and Release Policy

Every few months we hear these troubling reports of illegal aliens crossing the border from Border Agents who testify in front of Congressional committees. It is abundantly clear this admin and the majority of Congress has no intention of doing anything about the US being invaded.

The SOB’s in power know the American people have had it with all of them so they are more or less putting on a show that they are concerned but welcome illegals coming into the US. How do we know this? As Cabrera testifies illegals know even if they get caught they won’t be sent back. The bill to defund sanctuary cities which also had Kate’s Law attached to it was shot down for starters. Nothing has been done to cut off social entitlements to illegals at the cost of taxpayers. Congress has taken no action against employers who hire illegals… in other words the bait remains in place for illegals to come here.


The progressive political class, R’s and D’s, are welcoming illegal aliens to the US to reshape the nations political demographics. Yes, illegals cannot vote for now, but sooner or later Congress will act on immigration opening the pathway for them to become citizens and eventually vote. It’s not a question of if but when. Eventually uninformed Americans will submit, because illegals are people too who just want a better life, and vote in support of such policy and the politicians behind it keeping them in power permanently. The uninformed class will vote against anyone who goes against said politicians until one day the electorate will reflect that of one party rule. Granted we practically have that today but many of us will probably live to see the day when the majority of Congress is composed of one party (democrats). We are already seeing this in some states like California (the testing grounds for progressive agenda) whose govt is dominated by progressive democrats running the state into the ground.

So what do we do about this? Nothing, since the majority of angry Americans are too busy and have NO WILL to take action against the monsters in power destroying this country.