Clinton Urges Gun Owners to Take Second Amendment Back From Extremists in NRA

The only extremists are the people like Clinton, obama and the like who want to take away our Second Amendment rights. Sorry but no one has the right to take away someones right to self-protection with a gun because of their ignorance and fear of guns.

Go do your homework America and in every instance when something bad happens the first reaction by radical dangerous progressives is to infringe on or outright take away our rights. Look at the overreaction they did over the Confederate Flag! Certain words and language have now been deemed offensive, that once upon a time we would shrug off. Political correctness time and again is behind these power grabs and deeming people extremist. NRA, its members, and gun rights supporters are not extremists. Our stance on the Second Amendment is legit and based on its original intentions by the Founding Fathers. DO NOT ALLOW dangerous anti-American, anti-Constitutional progressives suggest we have perverted it. Clinton, obama and their ilk are the extremists because they want YOU incapable of having the ability to defend yourself, family and property.