Here Are 64 Senators Who Voted to Give Obama a Blank Check to Bankrupt America While You Were Asleep

While you were asleep America at 3am 64 US Senators…

Senators who voted for more debt give obama blank check

…voted and passed a bad budget deal that adds another $80 billion in debt, allows obama to raise the debt ceiling and borrow more money we don’t have to pay for all the free stuff he promised. There is no doubt the national debt will go over $20 trillion.

Ask yourself this question: if you are broke and the money you make doesn’t even cover your basic bills do you think your banks would allow you to increase your credit limit and spend more money? Of course not, but the US Senate more or less just did that!

The US is broke we have NO MONEY. The money being spent is borrowed from the Fed (who just prints more devaluing the dollar) and other countries (who are broke printing money too). There is not enough money in the entire world to pay off our debt no matter how much is printed. All these clowns in DC are doing is digging a deeper hole for We the People. They’re all getting rich while the people go broke and sooner or later this bubble is going to burst. When that bubble bursts all hell is going to break loose!