Allen West: Obama Sending 50 Special Operators to Syria is ‘Insane’

50 special operators isn’t going to stop ISIS even if they are better than Tier 1 operators! 50 of our absolute best special operators cannot fight and defeat 100K++ jihadist fighters who have a death wish; with an unknown number in waiting and among us.

The time to do something about the rise of ISIS came and went. They should have been relentlessly bombed, Syria should be pounded into a parking lot, before ISIS got hold of Iraq and continued to spread. Because obama doesn’t know how to lead, he fired and removed military leaders with a clue, this death cult has firm hold and their ideology is spreading like an uncontrollable virus… now into Europe. That convoy of “refugees” moving into Europe isn’t all women and children. God only knows how many freshly trained jihadists are mixed in with people who are legitimately fleeing from war. The damn Saudis and other arab nations should be taking these people in. If the US had a true leader, he/ she would have gotten together with world leaders tomato sure that happens. But instead we have barry obama, who sits back and enjoys seeing this all play out.

Glenn Beck had it right when he made the prediction. The middle east is, as predicted, completely destabilized and it is spilling over to Europe. The US is on its way as we too are being invaded from our southern border because our leaders do nothing while this regime is shipping “refugees” in.

Side note on Europe: If you’re planning a trip to Europe to see the historic sites, art, artifacts etc you need to accelerate those plans and go.. soon! If that means spending money you don’t have right now (because you’re saving up) borrow or go into credit card debt to go. If it means taking the kids out of school during the school year, do it. If it means potentially losing your job to go away for a week +, well you need to make that call what is more important? Europe as we know it is going to be fundamentally changed. With the massive influx of “refugees” entering, the culture of all European nations will be forced to change, no thanks to political correctness. Historic sites will either be vandalized, destroyed or removed because they will be deemed offensive. It would not be surprising to hear in a few years that paintings and sculptures, like Michelangelo’s David, are removed, damaged etc because they offend “refugees”.

This is what happens when elect weak inexperienced people who do not have the will to act. This is what happens when you elect people based on their skin color and promises of free stuff rather than their accomplishments and ability.