Multiple Causalities Reported in Shooting at Oregon Community College

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Reports are mixed but at least dozen people have been shot and killed at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg OR.
– Killer is reported to be down (Code 4)
– Shooting occurred near Science Bldg & Snyder Hall
– Fire Dept reports multiple casualties (13) have been transported to area hospitals. 6 LifeFlight helicopters have been dispatched
– ATF, FBI and other agencies responding and are on scene
– Mother of student tells Fox News her son, who is very familiar with firearms, did not hear ANY shots being fired, suggesting suppressed weapons were used!?
– Reports of victims found in multiple classrooms indicating killer went from room to room
– Fox reports gunman was asking victims what their religion was before firing on them

The information coming out is extremely fluid, nothing is confirmed…
State Police reports 20 wounded, 8 dead
School officials report 20 wounded, 15 dead
… so as you can see even those on site have contradicting info!

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Shooting at Oregon community college campus…
POLICE: 10 dead…
Shooter down…
REPORT: ‘Gun-free campus’…

(**this page will be updated as more info comes available)

Since the vile, despicable, America hating Piers Morgan (and many like him) had to start politicizing this tragedy…

…I feel it’s necessary to respond.

Chalk up another win for the anti-gun gun crowd. Because of their anti-American anti-Constitutional agenda people at this school, a Gun Free Zone, were rendered defenseless. Evil will always gain access to weapons, the Isla Vista killer proved that. No law will stop the actions of evil people.