Clinton Brags to Supporters About Her Failed Foreign Policy While the World Burns

Clinton claiming her success as Sec of State is beyond laughable. The foreign policy she takes great pride in playing out right now is the world entering the early stages of WORLD WAR III!

Hillary left out her glorious plan to unseat Gaddafi that led to Libya becoming destabilized where islamic radical have seized power forcing a mass migration into Europe. She left out the gun running program her GOOD FRIEND Chris Stevens was charged with to Syria via Turkey that went right into the hands of rebels aka ISIS!! Hillary forget to mention the part about how the phone rang at 3am as her GOOD FRIEND and other American were under attack in Benghazi resulting in his and 3 others death along with many others severely wounded! This is just for starters as the entire middle east is in full collapse with Russia, China, France, England, Turkey and the US all on a collision course!

Then there is Iran who despite her claims is on course to have nuclear weapons.

Clinton cites brokering a ceasefire with Israel and Palestine via fmr Egyptian head Muslim Brotherhood Morsi; guess she hasn’t seen the news about the daily terror knife attacks committed by Palestinian men and women of ALL ages against military and civilian Israelis! 2) Morsi is in jail!

Shall I go on about all the slick backroom deals made on taxpayer’s dime that put millions in she and Bill’s little scam machine aka Clinton Global Initiative/ Foundation from foreign entities?

This woman is pure evil. Anyone who votes for her you have NO SOUL!