Obama is Going to Show ISIS How Tough He is by Holding Climate Change Conference in Paris

Of the 100’s of terrorist videos I’ve painfully sat through, never once have I heard any of them bitch and moan about climate change or lack of jobs. Obama may think he and other leaders will be rebuking ISIS by holding a climate change conference. ISIS couldn’t careless, and will see it as weakness.

This man is extremely dangerous to America’s national security. He has become Darth Hussein as I argued following the 2014 midterm elections. Obama has shown his cards since the Paris attack that he is an islamist. He has no intentions of protecting the US homeland or abroad by fighting the death cult. I agree wholeheartedly with a Nat’l Security Analyst who said obama is setting a situation up for when he leaves office to point the finger of blame at his predecessor and yes GW Bush.

This is what you get when the uninformed elect someone on the extreme left who told them what they wanted to hear. The pendulum must swing the other way and what we get will be just as bad. The nation as of now is poised to make the same mistake with a rising star on the extreme right. Through the dark tunnel we must go and hopefully there will be the right people still standing to rebuild this nation to it’s glory.