Pres Gun Control: There Are Steps We Can Take to Make America Safer

This man is such a menace and threat to this nation. Here he is admitting he knows nothing but still politicized today’s terror attack in San Bernardino trivializing it with mass killings carried out by the mentally ill who go on killing rampages!

No doubt Darth Hussein™ will be calling for more gun control. He is being beyond deceitful saying mass shootings only happen in the US when Paris just got hit 3 weeks ago. The last thing we need in this country with terrorists running around is to disarm civilians. Furthermore for those who are ignorant CA has some of the strictest gun laws in the entire country which did absolutely nothing to stop todays events.

There is NO law that could have stopped what happened today. Everything he is calling for has already been done. As for the no-fly list controversy, FIX THE DAMN SYSTEM first before denying ones rights. We have elderly and children on this list and for the record even Ted Kennedy was on the list. Here’s thought how about prosecuting those on the no-fly list if you’re so concerned about them getting their hands on a weapon, why are they running loose!?

Anyone outside of DC suggesting more laws, more gun control is a fool who knows nothing other than what they are told by their progressive handlers. Keep in mind pipe bombs were identified but thankfully not used. Whether its criminal or terrorist neither FOLLOWS THE LAW and if they want to kill people they will find a way to do it.