Neighbor of Mass Shooters Concerned About Suspicious Activity Feared Alerting Police Over Political Correctness

This report from Fox News’ Will Carr is solid proof the left HAS BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

Democrats/ progressives/ liberals whatever leftists call themselves have created such a stigma and put so much fear into people over political correctness that a neighbor of the San Bernardino killers, feared alerting police!

Carr reports a woman who lives next to condominium in Redlands was truly concerned about the suspicious activity by Farook and Malik but she didn’t call police over fears of racial profiling aka being called a bigot, hater and of course an islamaphobe.

Those of you on the left who embrace and intimidate people over political correctness, acting almost militant at times, YOU DID THIS! The lack of action on this neighbors part is a direct result of the thuggery, bullying, demonization of people by leftists who set out to destroy anyone who opposes you. You put so much fear in this woman she didn’t pick up the phone and warn them about these two monsters who killed 14 people.

Fourteen families might not be torn apart over the loss of loved ones if it weren’t for PC police.

America this should be the final straw on political correctness. We now have solid proof of what happens when people surrender to PC militants. Along with the multitude of PC conquests at schools, colleges, universities, sports teams, entertainment, the work place etc it has now claimed 14 lives. Please stop being PC compliant it might save someones life someday!

(Apologies for video/ audio quality)