ICE Director to Sen Sessions: Employers Can Hire Obama-Amnestied Illegals Over US Citizens

While the nation is distracted the issue of illegal immigration remains a threat to the US economically, socially and to national security. Illegal aliens = votes and money to the power elite, which is why so many will not take a stand against this invasion. They provide cheap labor to corporations thus the reason so many companies and billionaires like Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg along with the Chamber of Commerce want illegals flowing into the US. Elitists don’t have to worry about finding a job, if they’ll get access to Social Security, receive proper medical care etc, we do!

If you’re out of work, barely making it or know people who are think long and hard about who you support in the next election. We cannot allow these invaders in. The border must be sealed to protect whats left of our economy but especially because of the terror threat an open border represents.